We operate in the general “Digital Transformation – Industry 4.0” market focusing on the commercial aspects. In particular, we help corporations to improve ROI of their commercial investments providing Marketing and Sales Quality Data.

Our efforts are deemed to research the best methods to integrate first party data with best second and third party data sources into an actionable output, to allow clients to implement one to one programs, statistically targeted media actions and properly informed commercial decision making.


Marketing Qualified Leads

We help clients to understand who their website visitors are, statistically and one to one. We specifically search fot those whose engagement levels indicate that are likely to become a customer.  We track behaviour of visitors that have filled in a web form, have downloaded content, have signed up for a newsletter or have purchased.

Sales Qualified Leads

Thru sophisticated predictive analytical tools we provide companies with scored leads to identify those clients that have immediate interest in a company’s product or service, and we help a sales representative to act within the first 24 hours of discovery. SQL processes often are implemented after an MQL process. We design the full MQL and SQL process, act as an agency to find MQL’s and SQL’s and thru our partners’ netowrk actually conclude the sale.

Methodological Consulting

Consulting on methodology studies for data-driven analytical products and business intelligence solutions